CIP Graphix Order Process & Policy

  • How to Order:

    All orders must be recieved via fax or email. Due to the custom nature of CIP Graphix, phone orders will not be accepted without written confirmation.
  • Minimums:

    CIP does not have a minimum quantity order requirement for CIP Graphix orders. Please indicate the exact number of pieces you will need at the start of your order so that we can accurately determine the production timeline. Variation in quantity may significantly affect this factor.
  • Pricing:

    Add $3-5 to the product price as marked in the cip price book. There is an additional flat rate fee per piece for both sandblasting and metal stickers.
  • Payment:

    All orders must be paid in full before shipping unless otherwise agreed upon by CIP. CIP accepts most major credit cards (Visa, Master card, American Express, Discover card). Payment may be made via credit card or COD. A $15 fee applies for COD. Credit card information will be kept on file for future reference. No charges will be made without prior authorization. Customers with approved credit may charge orders to their account.
  • Timeline:

    CIP Graphix orders require a 2-4 day lead time when, unless otherwise stated by cip at the time the order is received. Metal stickers may require up to 2 week lead time.
  • Order Cancellation:

    There is no additional penalty for order cancellation; however, customers are responsible for all applicable fees once they have authorized a process. Orders may not be cancelled once production begins. The customer may decide to have cancelled orders shipped to them, in which case the customer is responsible for all shipping charges. If the customer chooses not to ship the cancelled order, all products become the property of cip and may not be retrieved at a later date.
  • Returns:

    Due to the custom nature, CIP is unable to accommodate returns, exchanges or refunds.

Step 1: Select your award

Step 1: Select your award

Available Options (Pictured left to right): YJ272, YJ141/142/143, EC510, EC130, YJ 132/133/134, EC520

*Above photos not indicative of size/proportion. Please refer to measurements listed in the catalog.

Step 2: Select your Graphix

  • Thank You 1

    Thank You 1

  • Thank You 2

    Thank You 2

  • Flag*


  • Congratulations


  • Wedding Rings

    Wedding Rings

  • Custom Logo

    Custom Logo

*Not available as metal sticker

Step 3: Select Deep Etching or Metal Sticker

  • Deep Etching

    Deep Etching

  • Metal Sticker

    Metal Sticker

Step 4: Select Graphix Location

  • Position1: Left Corner

    Position1: Left Corner

  • Position2: Centered

    Position2: Centered

  • Position3: Right Corner

    Position3: Right Corner

Step 5: Place your order

Please provide the following information when placing your CIP Graphix order:

  • Product Number
    Graphix Option

  • Graphix Position Number
    Sandblast or Metal Sticker

  • Quantity
    In-hands Date

  • Ship to Address