Ordering requirement:
All orders must be placed in writing by fax 949.251.0064, email at sales@cipcrystal.com, or phone at 877-925-0600 or you can go through our website www.cipcrystal.com. Phone orders require purchase order number or confirmation fax from the customer. All the online orders will be processed and finished within our website. Method of payment must be approved before order can be processed. All orders will be confirmed the same day. Orders without CIP Creation Corp. confirmation will not go out. Please contact CIP Creation Corp. if you do not receive confirmation within 24HRs. The orders ship out the same day if received by 1:30 PM PST. Orders received after 1:30 PM PST will ship on the next business day. Our website now has capability to take orders and process them all online.

Our optic crystal is completely flawless and we guarantee superb quality and design. Because all of our crystals are hand cut and polished, slight variation may occur in overall dimensions and in carved or frosted areas. Sometimes slight striations and lines may happen during the molding process in our hand cut and polished products. This is not considered defects. All of optic crystal products are free of bubbles. Our Full Lead pieces will have small bubbles and swirly marks due to characteristics of Full Lead and they are not regarded as flaws. CIP stands by all of its products.

All prices are based on FOB Irvine, CA. Discount prices only apply to quantities listed for each item in the price list. All the prices are net price. Additional discount may be given to qualified large quantities by CIP Creation Corp. Quantity break for discount varies among products. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please refer to our points program for different discount opportunities and qualifications. Custom Design CIP offers Custom Design. Please fax or email your drawings and specifications. If the drawing is not at the "ready to use" stage, design fee may apply. We have extensive design steps and services (i.e. samples and drawings) available. Minimum quantity and development charges may apply. 50% deposit is required when placing an order regardless of credit term for custom design. No returns will be accepted. More information is available through our website under custom. Custom inquiry can be submitted from our website under Custom. Keep in mind custom orders usually take longer in production

Payment must be made by credit card Visa, Master Card, American Express or COD. There is COD charge of $10.00. For customers with approved credit, terms are net 30. Credit application is available through our website at www.cipcrystal.com, by e-mail at cip@cipcrystal.com or by phone at 877-925-0600. Please fill out the application and submit the form for approval. The approval process will take 48 hrs. CIP Creation Corp. reserves the right to grant or deny applicant of credit terms. After 30 days, there will be a 2% finance charge per month. After 60 days, we have right to charge the balance due to your credit card that is in your file and payment terms will be automatically returned to credit card. We do not ship to accounts over 60 days past due, until past due balance is paid off. Deposit may be required for orders exceeding $5000 depending on customers credit limit.

Credit Application:
Credit application is available to be filled out online at (website link), requested by e-mail at cip@cipcrystal.com or by phone at 877-925-0600.

Orders can be shipped out on the same day if received before 1:30 PM PST and all the terms have been agreed. $5.00 fee will be applied to any drop ship orders. The shipping calculator is an estimate only and can be subject to change. CIP Creation Corp. is not responsible for any shipment which does not arrive as schedule due to weather conditions.
***All orders over $100 are insured unless given prior instructions to not do so.***

When merchandise arrives, please inspect them immediately. CIP Creation Corp. must be notified of any damages, defects, and/or any other problems within 10 business days after the invoice date. Any damage products received from CIP Creation Corp. must be kept for at least 5 business days to allow the carrier to make their inspection. Any shipments leaving CIP Creation Corp. freight collect will be the responsibility of the account holders to make a claim with their carrier for a reimbursement of the damaged products.

Return for credit or exchange are only accepted within 10 days after receipt. If there is any discrepancy between what you ordered and what you received, please contact us within those 10 days. We will be happy to send you correct items. No returns and exchanges will be accepted until we receive unwanted products unless there is authorization from CIP Creation Corp. CIP Creation Corp. reserve the right to invoice the returned goods and shipping cost when our inspections shows that the claim was not a result of factory defect, packing or shipping problems or the returned merchandise does not arrive in the warehouse within the promised time. Credit or exchanges are issued only for returns in good selling conditions. Restocking fee of 15% of the order will apply to returns. If you order the wrong items or wish to cancel the order, it is your responsibility to return the merchandise at your expense.

Sample Policy:
We do not set aside sample stocks therefore we do not lend samples out. Samples are for purchase and there are occasional sample promotions. Samples will be offered with discount during sample promotions.

Order Cancellation:
There is no penalty for canceling the order but because we ship out the same day, we will still charge customers for shipping (going and returning) if the order goes out before cancellation.

Minimum Order:
CIP Creation Corp. does not require a minimum order. Any order any size is always welcome.