Live Chat Available

Mar 02, 2011

CIP's Live Chat is finally open!!  It will be convenient to just quickly ask simple questions that you may have as you browse the site.

Live Chat is available during our business hours of 9AM-5PM. 

CIP New 2011 Pricing

Feb 21, 2011

CIP's New 2011 Pricing will be in effect 2/23/11. 

If you would like to receive it via mail, please let us know by phone, fax or email:

877 925 0600

949 251 0064 - fax

New Website is Open

Feb 21, 2011


CIP has revamped the site and made it simple and easy to use.  You can download templates, send images to your customers, or purchase online.  We have modified purchasing steps and made it easier than before.

The new site has live chat which will start 2/28/11.

All the promotions and announcements will be posted for your convenience.

Please feel free to give us your feedback!!!